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Scotty Drums.
Drum Hire. Auckland. New Zealand

Hi, I'm Scotty Pearson
Over the years I have built this collection of drum kits.

Unlike most collectors I don’t mind my babies being played. I started letting my friends use them for recording and other gigs. Then, also renting to international touring acts that want something a little different from the regular backing providers. I decided to make it a small business a few years ago.

My hope is to let people be inspired by how great these old drums can sound and make you feel. I know for myself there is something undeniably great about playing a gig on a vintage Ludwig or similar.

They just make you play better! They also have distinctive sounds in the studio.

Beyond that they look like nothing else so make great props for photo and video shoots.

Email me or give me a call. Let's talk drum hire!

Scotty Drum Hire is a division of CFB Entertainment Ltd.

Special thanks to:
Anne-Marie McCulloch, Lani Purkis, Verena Jonkar, Michael Te Young, Mark Benseman